Project Plans for Traps/Bait Stations

Hi there
Is there any chance we could add an option where you could place traps/bait stations that you plan to place there. For example, an area where you hope to trap and you want traps at certain places based on maps and so forth.

I just set the planned traps locations on the website with an appropriate code and then do any corrections after deployment. If you are ok with planned traps being reported on in the meantime (ie. in total trap count) this seemed to be the simplest way to do this. If checking actual location with GPS in the field you can set up duplicate dummy locations for the new trap (using lowercase codes) and then adjust your original locationwhen at home on the website, and then delete the dummy location. You can use the tracking location function to navigate to your proposed trap location.


Or easier just use the app to move the installation when out in the field. I.e. create dummy one’s on a grid/line at home, then when on site adjust them to where you actually install them (use the Move location button.)

Didn’t even see the option. Will make it much easier, cheers

Is this possible when out of cellphone service?

Hi Christine,

Yes it does work offline as well.