Project Summary catch numbers

On the map for the home screen of the project there is a table with the catch data.
For the column of monthly catches, it doesn’t match the number of catches in the reports section.
Is this figure the Average number caught per month rather than an absolute number caught in the previous month?

For example here is the table for 18th July

The bottom line from the “Catches by Trap” report run from 18th June to 18th July shows:
25 Mice
22 Rat
1 Stoat
1 Weasel
1 “Unspecified”
Total: 50

Hi David

Yup this is a rolling total (i.e. over the last 28 days / 365 days). A bit confusing obviously. If anybody has any suggestions…


Now I know what it is, I’m good with that explanation.
If there was an improvement to make I suppose it would be to have a mouse over dialog box on the column headings containing a description of the measurement intervals e.g. hovering over month it would show “number of catches over the previous 28 days”

We have a similar problem, but the previous answer doesn’t solve it. Our project page on 1 Nov 2018 says we have caught 25 rats (is this for October?) but the monthly catch totals table for October says we have caught 13 rats. The only way I can get a 25 is by adding the all catches totals for August, September and October.

I’ve now added another rat catch this morning and the monthly catch totals table for October says we have caught 14 rats, but the project page for Month (which I believe from the previous answer means the last 28 days) now says we have caught 26 rats. If I add the Total column of the Monthly catch totals table for Aug = 8, Sep = 3 and Oct = 15, the sum is 26. Is this a co-incidence?

Hi there - thanks for letting us know. I can replicate the issue - it appears the catch total in the summary was being based on the wrong date: the date the catch record was added, rather than the date of the actual catch. So it would display correctly some of the time, but not if records are loaded in bulk at a later date. I’ve logged it as an issue. It should get fixed soon.

This has been fixed now.

Thanks, Dan. No worries. Glad to help. Thanks for getting it sorted promptly. Jan