Project Tags Management

Is there any way to see the various tags used in a project and add/delete/rename them?

I’m currently playign around with the Monthly Catch Totals Chart. And I wanted to show this chart for traps in certain area, a little peninsula of our project. So I added a tag to all those traps, but I spelt it wrong once and so I now have 2 tags… One with a capital ‘O’ and one with a lower case ‘o’.

Can I permanently delete one of those? Say the one with the small ‘o’? So that it doesn’t always come up as an option?


Kia ora @davidnblake36 if you select- manage traps, select the traps you are wanting to change the tags on, choose the operation- change trap details, then tags a field will open where you can change the tag, however unless they are all tagged the same you may have to do it individually.

I’m not wanting to change the tag on a trap, or a number of traps.

I’m wanting to edit the list of tags we have in our project.

I did what you said for a trap, and I get a list of tags that I’ve never seen before. Are they supposed to be different to the list of tags you get when you edit a trap and go to set a tag, and see a list of already existing ones?

I can’t take a snapshot of the drop down lists I’m sorry. Could take a photo with my mobile if that would help?

@davidnblake36 You will need to select the installation, - edit -more -tags click on x and save
I hope this helps

But the 2 tags are still available in the list…

I know I can remove a tag from a trap.

But I have 2 tags… “Okewa Peninsula” and “okewa Peninsula” available as options when assigning tags to a trap.

How do I make it so that the second one is never available?

I’ll email you for more details @davidnblake36