QR Code on trap - Returning Trap Status, Last Service date, Catch history

Hey amazing Trap.NZ dev team and community.

I want every trap and bait station to have a QR code.
Scanning the QR Code should return

  • Trap Name
  • Trap location History
  • Trap Catch History
  • Contact Name and Details

Why ?

  1. Engagement
  2. Accountablility
  3. Its 2023 - we all have pocket supercomputers


  • Privacy : Name and Phone numbers in the public domain
  • Catch : Reporting number of cats caught in a smart cage. “FERAL CATS” and the rescue folks
  • QR Code Stickers
  • Domain. Owner gets to see more info. Public gets to see less maybe catch count and last service/catch date ?

Key for me - Make it really easy to REPORT CATCHES and GET POSITVE FEEDBACK
Discover and return unserviced (or TrapnNZ) traps.

Link this to QR Code for public 5 minute birdcounts (without a Trap.NZ account??)

Priority : Please think about this. Not sure its value.

Love the idea. This is what we need