Rat total (Project) on Project page (Map) greater than on Monthly Catch Totals Chart

The total number of rats caught since we started our project is given as 240 on the Project page (with the map) but as 217 in the monthly catch totals chart. The numbers of hedgehogs, mice and possums are identical on both pages. I have checked that the rat catch totals in the monthly catch totals chart do add up to 217. Can you please correct this? I thought I’d mentioned this last year and it was said to be fixed but it isn’t and I can’t find the topic now.

Hi there,

Sorry if I’m missing something but the numbers look right to me:


Am I missing something?



Yes, there is something missing! What I am seeing is not what you are seeing. Please see photos of the monthly catch totals chart that I am seeing, it’s not the same as the one you have dispayed here.

Sorry, all sorted now I’ve compared the two! What’s missing is that I’d overlooked the earliest catches made in our reserves in 2016 and early 2017 before our household programme started towards the end of 2017 - so it’s my mistake. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it highlights the need to use an accurate project start date when retrieving data for the whole project. Thanks for your help, Trap.NZ - much appreciated!