Rat Trap Tunnel Mesh Pulled up?


We have some Rat traps in tunnels and this has happened a few times now.

We have the Predator Free ones that have the pull up mesh at the end.

Often we find the mesh is pulled half way up and the trap is set off, we no bait left?

We suspect something is having a go at the tunnel, any ideas?

Sometimes I wish I had a trail cam to see what happens to the traps at night time :slight_smile:


Pukeko? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx85lgt0rzE

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Wow cool video Andy.

Its unlikely as the trap is in thick bush, I have never seen a Pukeko in that part of the property.

The next day I put the mesh in backwards so the curved part was against the box and I caught a rat :slight_smile:

Having a trail cam must be great to discovered what goes on, when no one is about :smile:

Thanks Gary

I have had it happen a couple of times,
finally found a dead hedgehog stuck in the end of the tunnel.

Cheers James.

Hi Gary, in our area (Upper Hutt) hedgehogs were thought to be responsible. As we use similar traps to the Predator Free ones but get them made locally, we experimented with different “latches” to stop this happening. This is the latest one, and fairly easy to add to any tunnel. Just a nail through a bit of hard, leftover material that can be rotated through 90 degrees to keep the wire mesh in place. Cheers, Tony

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Hi, I agree that hedgehogs will be having a go. If you have a doc 200/250 trap then hedgehogs can be caught easily by these. I widen my entrance holes to allow for larger rats and hedgehogs.
I also find that young possums will completely up-end my rat tunnel boxes trying to get at the peanut butter, mine are often found on their sides or upside down.


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That make perfect sense, the area does have a few Hedgehogs. I will see if I can get footage of one doing it :smile: