Rebait if traps

I’m new here

Have recorded all our traps which are showing as red triangles.

Today they have all been rebaited. Touching on a trap, recording as baited and set, pressing rebait button and selecting dehydrated rabbit then pressing and holding save.

Doesn’t save when going back into app.

What am I doing wrong.

Did you change the trap status to sprung? And added a 1 to the strikes field.

Kia ora John,

A trap that you’ve just checked in the app should show up as a red triangle with a green outline on your project map. Can you please confirm if your recently checked traps have the green outline around the red triangle?

How can you tell that the trap record has not been saved when you go back into the app?

You can email us at with screenshots of these issues if that’s helpful.

Ngā mihi,

Trap.NZ Community Liason