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Has there been any analysis of the TrapNZ dataset? For example, most used trap/lure/bait perhaps by region; or most effective trap/bait/lure by region etc. I appreciate there will be large number of caveats around the conclusions as the data collection and trapping approach will be inconsistent across users, but it still might be very interesting. Maybe you have already published this sort of analysis and I have missed it. I am sure it would be very interesting.

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Thanks for posting this here. The tech team are keen to do this but are not currently resourced to do so. If others are keen (I’m sure many are!), they can vote for this feature, which will help us understand what features are most useful to people, and where to allocate future resources.

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Hello Matt
I wrote a couple of articles using analyses of Trap.NZ data from our group at Huia in the Waitakeres, but they are not about baits. That’s an interesting idea.

Here are links to my articles:

I’d be interested to know which Trap.NZ datasets have the longest time series since these are probably the most useful for analyses. Our dataset extends back to July 2017 and has over 1100 kills, but I’m sure there are others with more data.

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