Recent upgrades affecting current members' access

I’ve had a few members from our backyard group contact me after the recent Trap NZ upgrade to say that they’re not able to see all the data that they had previously seen. I’ve edited their membership status to “readonly member” which seems to fix the problem, but does this mean I need to do this for all our other members, and if so is there a quick way to do this in bulk?

It is possible there may have some combination of permissions that got skipped (it was a very complex update). We’ll see if we can add the ability to search for users by roles and traps assigned and turn on bulk updates.

We’ve now added the ability to search for members by role and make bulk changes. This is under the Members tab in the project.

not sure if it’s related, but when I’ve gone to sync my catches on my mobile I’m getting error messages, & often the "new data from server message seems to freeze around 90% (see photo). If it doesn’t freeze, when I look at the list of traps there’s often a lot of them that are still showing green as if the record still needs to be synced. I’d keep syncing it until all the records were uploaded, but this often took multiple syncs. The problem has been going on for a couple of months now & I’ve just put up with it, though today when it happened I couldn’t get the records to upload. I tried logging out & back in but the login page tells me access denied! Help!

If I have more than one record to sync from my Android I get the following message. This started after the last big update.

We’ve been making a few more tweaks to the app. Please update and hopefully should be fixed now.