Record 'Still set' as default when close to trap

I used ‘Walk the Line’ for a while before DOC decided to change to Trap.NZ.
Walk the Line had a great feature, that automatically recorded a visit with ‘Still set’ to a trap when you walked close enough to a trap. It would also add ‘bait OK’ or a previously entered bait as the default in that case. So you only needed to use the mobile phone for a catch or a change of bait at a particular trap. This feature worked also when the phone was in ‘sleep’ mode, so using the app did not use much battery power at all.
Can this be built into Trap.NZ as well, please?
Otherwise: keep up the good work, I try to convince more trappers to use Trap.NZ!

Kia ora Roel,

Yes! We are planning on adding this functionality, as part of DOCs changeover to using Trap.NZ. It’s quite a major piece of work, so it will be some months before it goes live, but it’s definitely coming!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

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