Record Track Instructions

Please can we have instructions on how to record tracks?

Thanks. Ok, so once I’ve recorded a track how do I convert it to a Line?

Hi Christine,

At the moment there’s no automated way to do that via the app, but what you can easily do is email the track data to yourself, then cut and paste that into a line’s data field on the website. GPS tracks often need tweaking anyway which you can do once it’s in there (press save, then edit again at the top, then use the edit tools on the bottom of the map.)

Hope that helps,

I’ll give it a go sometime when I get a chance to record a track, and when we’re allowed out to play again!

Hi Christine - one thing to remember when recording your tracks, is to walk the route with minimal stops.
I have recorded some routes and at the same time checking bait stations (adding some bait to some stations) and then suddenly found that my track is 500 - 1000m of my actual route as the GPS is seeking what my actual location is (this has happened 3 times). The track is then messy and I have re-walked the route to get a clean track.
By walking at a steady rate, the tracker is fairly accurate even going through dense bush.
Good luck