"Recorded by" field - Suggested changes

Finally decided to highlight one of my eternal frustrations, as being from an IT background I can barely believe …

If I am logged in (desktop) and record a catch, please please please know that it is me who is logged in and by default add my name to “Recorded by:”

Frustrates me no end that this is otherwise left blank and screws all the reporting, resulting in incredibly painful editing of every record.

Lawrence Smith

thanks for the feedback, the website is used by a lot of project admin who often add their projects records (not just their own) this is why it has been set up this way, If you record catches via the phone app, it has a default in the settings where it will show you added the catches. I will pass this on to the developers

Thanks, I do understand that. The problem really is it being left blank. It’s easy to miss, as it’s not required …

In which case options could include:

  1. Add the logged in person name there by default, and allow them to change it if they want
  2. Make it a required field.

The other odd thing to me is that this is a free text field I have have seen some of our project members misspell their name, which then also complicates recording as then it makes it harder to report on any given person.

This is also a simple fix, add a persons name to the project and then have the “Recorded by” field as a drop down.


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