Recorded By ? - who did that?

The “recorded by” field needs to be whoever is logged in. The free text option and being able to leave the field blank is not really acceptable. Although, administrators need to have the option to select another member of their project of allocate a record.

I’ve heard of others in our group entering data for other trappers. This change could hinder getting reports for a particular trapper.
I use the phone App as I go so my name is automatically entered into the database. For the records I add through my laptop for my home traps in a different project I find that I only need to type the first letter of my name then accept my name with the mouse. Maybe this has to do with my browser settings in Firefox.

Thanks for your input. I don’t have a smart phone so don’t use the App. I also enter data for other trappers. A report I recently ran had three trappers twice because one time they used a capital or used their user name or whatever. I also had one record unassigned. Recorded by field should be the user name of the logged in person. Admins or managers or ?? should have the ability to select from a list of user names that are assigned to that trap.

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