Recording bulk trapping numbers for a medium to large block

Hi, I work for a forestry company and we have recreational and commercial possum trappers that record numbers of possums and other catches by month for the blocks they work. (eg Feb21, Christies Block, 813 possums, 3 cats and 4 stoats). They don’t provide the trap locations, or how many they trap per location currently. I’m wanting to record these somewhere in a common platform. Is it possible to to record these trap catches in TrapNZ somehow?

Hi @zephyr4

In Trap.NZ, catches are recorded against traps, which need a location. But you could, if you wanted to, have a single trap located in the centre of each block, to represent that block, and record the catches against the block’s trap.

You can record multiple kills to trap using the “strikes” value. So in your example for Christies block you would record three catch records - one for possum (813 strikes), one for cats (3), etc.

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Perfect. That’s a great idea. I thought there must be a way. Thanks for the feedback.