Recording card collection dates for tracking tunnels

Currently, when you go into the tracking tunnel part of TrapNZ and record the date that you put the footprint tracking tunnel cards out, it automatically defaults to filling in the pickup date for cards as the same date. This is not useful, as everyone leaves the cards out at least overnight.

For island biosecurity, we usually leave the cards out for 1 -3 weeks, to have the maximum chance of detecting any rodents present. It’s not always the same person setting out and picking up the cards either. For standard rodent monitoring on the mainland, cards would usually be left out overnight.

What would work really well from an island biosecurity perspective, would be to have the option to record when the tracking cards are put out (with the pickup date left blank as it is not yet known), and then later to be able to go back into the app and record the pickup date when the cards are picked up.