Recording double ups


I am finding a lot of double up with entries into trap NZ by several different members of my team. As in 2 stoats recorded in the same trap at the same time when there wasn’t a double kill. It happened with one guy all day yesterday.

Also, only a small number of our photos are uploading correctly.

Are others having these issues also?

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Probably user error, you might have to see what they do on the app.

We had one guy doing a record for each drop down choice; So he’d choose the trap status, press Save, then choose species caught, hit Save, the lure, hit Save etc.

And another one who entered a rat catch every single time he checked a trap because he couldn’t get the record to save otherwise. He was doing something really unusual and complicated - entirely unnecessary.

Yes Bernard, I have noticed that recently a couple of times. For example on 2Jan24 I recorded 15 rat kills on a line but only one of them was saved as a single record. All the others were doubled up. I only use the App to record kills, not even photos, and then update the catch on my desktop in the comfort of home! The App itself told me these records did not update correctly and I deleted them. cheers, Tony

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Definitely double ups and not user error. I had a few last week, and the team recorded a few before Xmas.

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Not user error - this same issue is happening to our team as well.

Same thing happening to us. One device is not showing double-ups but most entries from another device was, same user.

Can I ask which app release you are on?

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Hi im having alot of double ups too. just tried my phone and seems to be ok APP version is 5.0.4
But all entries from my contractors are showing double ups. is 5.0.4 the correct version to use?