Recording sightings

Hi ,just wondering if there is a way to record gps locations of species specific sightings. We are undertaking whio surveys and it would be great to be able to see on a separate map to our trapping area where whio are being found. Cheers!

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Have you considered using iNaturalist for this purpose? Wish we had whio here - last sighting in the 90s but there’s a possibility of release if we get predator numbers down

You could set up Monitoring stations, of the "bird Count’ type, with the locations added.

Then under your project, go to the “reports” tab then scroll down near the bottom there is an option called “Monitoring records with map” or try this link

you can show the numbers counted, or a heat-map type display using the new icon that shows on the right-hand margin of the map.

If you have many locations, uploading the data as a pre-filled CSV file may be a good option.

Agree this would be useful for different species, both predators and desirable species.
For example a volunteer saw a rat run off into bushes but there was no camera or photo.