Records overview

Hi i have a few lines that i do out at Whapitu (waitekere Ranges). on my App when entering data the red bars turn from red to green then moves to next station.,when i save a new entry. except one line, which does not have the red green bars on top. also have to manually close each station to go to next station on app.

how do i get the red green bars on top of this line, so it operates like the rdst of my lines



kia ora @donaldt I’m going to contact you via the helpdesk so I can ask some more queestions about your project etc

Hi Don,

Can you please confirm you entered the record form via the Lines menu, or via the line link at the top of each line installations form?

If you simply click on a line member from the map, and submit a record, it won’t have entered ‘line mode’ meaning it closes the form instead of progressing along the line (as you describe.)

If that isn’t the issue, we’ll need a deeper dive, and some details (line and project name.)