Replacing traps with different trap types

We have a number of trap lines with Possum Master traps installed. Over time these are to be replaced with more humane Flipping Timmy traps. What is the recommended way of installing new
trap types.

As I see it there are two options.

  1. Update each trap record to change the trap type from Possum Master to Flipping Timmy.
    Downside: all old catch records will be associated with a Flipping Timmy, rather than a Possum

  2. ‘Retire’ the Possum Masters and add the new Flipping Timmy’s, using the same name.
    Downside: when a trap is retired, all it’s data will ‘disappear’ from view. It’s still in the database and
    can be reported on, you just can’t see the data when you view it on the web.

Are my options as described correct? If so which is recommended? Is there another/better option?

kia ora @jb1 I think as you have stated above that it would be good to have the correct catches associated with the correct equipment, therefore. I would select option 2. Most of the reports that show the retired trap catches, a fav of mine is monthly catch totals. I hope this helps.

Thanks Lenore. I thought Option 2 would be best, glad to hear it confirmed.
Cheers, John