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Hi to the team at Trap.NZ,

Laurie here from Whareroa Village - Lake Taupo - I regularly use the details in the Multi-project monthly catch totals table for the trap lines that I set and clear and send them out to our Village community as an Excel spreadsheet showing catches per month and wondered if it would be possible for you to add the predator type for each column to the bottom of the Report under the Totals row to save a lot of scrolling up and down to the top of the Report to check what predator the details in each column relate to please?

I have been running the Monthly Report since I started volunteer trapping mid 2021 so that we could compare the Monthly catches year by year to look for patterns when I catch certain predators
ie: I seem to only catch Mustelids in Autumn etc.


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Could you maybe look into freezing rows at the top of your Excel spreadsheet?

Hi David - thanks for your suggestion - it is not Excel I am having trouble with - it is scrolling up and down in the Monthly Reports screen in Trap.NZ. I was hoping that the Trap.NZ could be modified to show the title for each column in the Monthly Report and the top and bottom of the columns in the Report

Cheers - Laurie

kia ora @lozza it’s a good suggestion, maybe put it as a feature request to get votes on it