Report sightings in other areas

I’m new to Trap NZ, and was looking for a feature to note pest sightings to other Projects (areas) to which I’m not linked to.
As an example, I recently saw a stoat in Mount Cook, but I live on the N. Island. This could be a free-format note that is sent to the Admin of the selected Project, or possibly a relatively simple webform/app screen with a drop-down for date/time, species, location (ideally with map selector for precision), reporter contact (for further info if needed) and a small area for another other notes (e.g. 200 chars).
The appropriate Admin could be notified on submission or it could drop into a Project box (which might need to be cleared periodically, or maybe not if few reports received).
The alternative is to allow registered people, who are part of a Project and therefore verified users, to pin a sighting to the map of any area, which would then be visible to the relevant Project.

Kia ora Chillidog,

Ad-hoc kills and observations is a feature in development and early testing, the ability to add them to other projects is also in a planning phase. So the good new is what you describe is already on the agenda :slight_smile:

Ngā mihi,

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