Reporting Error?

I am entering bait station data. I enter bait remaining = 0.075 bait removed = 0 bait added = 0 . So there has been no activity on that particular station. But when I look at the report Bait Station Totals is says Bait taken = 0.075. Look at Bait station 1.19 date 24 May 2018 on mBait Stationy project



Hi Terry

I think this is correct but please double check! The previous record (26 Apr) had 0.075Kg remaining, removed 0.075kg, and added 0.15kg. So at that point there was 0.15kg in the bait station.

On the 24 May you entered 0.075kg remaining (i.e. 0.075kg less than the 0.15kg that was there before). Hence the 0.075Kg calculated as bait taken.