Reporting kills by trap

I know a number of reports exist already, but I am looking to see which traps have zero kills over the last year. I see there is a report by Trapper, but we often enter data for other project trappers. I am seeking a report by trap, ie, one that shows all kills for each specific trap. The data is there (on the map), but I would like to see it as a Table. Thanks.

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Yes! We would like to report kills per trap too.
Project admins and editors are entering kills on behalf of backyard trappers and we would like to see which trap caught the most, rather than which volunteer entered the most.

Thanks David. So, is this report on the To Do List? I am a great believer in the 80/20 rule. In this case, it seems likely that 80% of the kills are in 20% of the traps, and many of the traps will have caught nothing. So as a project admin, I would like to educate/upskill members so that all traps become ‘productive’.

I’m just a user like you so I can only +1 your request.
It would be useful to follow up with any backyard trappers who have never reported a catch and see if there is any help needed or coax them to send reports.

this is available in one view - trap records with map. If you don’t define a set of species to tally, it will show you the total catches per trap for each, including a green zero at traps which have not caught.

If you are drilling down to a sub-set of species, you can also get traps which have not caught this species by selecting ‘none’ as one of the species (hold down to multi-select). You can click on any trap location & the trap number/ code will pop up, as a link that you can follow.

Technically though, it is tallying all ‘zero’ catches at that trap - so if a trap had never had a no catch result (within the defined time frame), it wouldn’t appear.

Have a look - this URL should generate all catch results for 12/12/18 - 12/06/2018 for whatever project you happen to be currently viewing.

We were looking for something tabular like “Catches by Trapper” but at the moment it shows the name of the volunteer who enters the catches. We would like a table exactly like that but showing the trap that caught the most rather than the name of the person who entered the most catches.

A single click report so we can see which trap has had the most catches would be ideal.

Weve add the report Catches by trap.

Give it a whirl and let us know if it is what you are after.

Thanks. That looks very helpful and I am very impressed at how quickly you have responded. For our major project, the report lists about 100 traps, in some sort of random order. I see that I can filter by trap type, so that can help make the long list more manageable. It would be nice if we could choose a more sensible order, eg, trap by number of kills, eg, most kills first, etc. Also, I would really like a list of the traps that have zero kills, as we are thinking of talking to those backyard trappers to see if we can help them be more productive.

Hi - you should be able to click on the totals column heading to sort. Click twice to sort the other way.

Thanks. that’s a nice feature - and it works. cheers, paul

I have found that the new report only lists traps that have at least one kill (with one exception). I am keen to examine zero kill traps, to try and find out why zero. EG, the trapper may not have reported kills, the trap may not be set up, the trapper may have tried but failed, etc. So a list of zero kill traps would be useful, maybe as a report type. Thanks.

Thanks for your suggestion. I am still seeking an easy way to identify zero kill traps so I tried to follow your advice/instructions, but failed. It only identified a few traps with a green zero (ie, 2 out of nearly 300 traps). And when I tried the ‘none’ option, it listed about 10 traps, so again too few traps. So, if you are confident that there is a way with the current report system, I would appreciate a few more words that help me list all zero kill traps. Thanks.