Retired trap still showing

I have moved a trap, I retired the old trap and created a new one by the same name but the retired one is still showing so now there is a double-up. Also, one of my traps shows as “85” on the map but it is 84 in everything else so there are 2 85’s showing

I’m going to send this through to the help desk so I can ask a few question

@sforder just FYI there is a ‘move trap’ feature if you need to do this again, or if it makes more sense to delete the new trap, reinstate the old one and then move it within the app. I haven’t done it on the web but on the app is very easy, once you open a trap it is down the bottom where the option to retire the trap is, there is the ‘move trap’.
You can shift the location on the map, and when you confirm it will ask you whether you are just correcting the mapped position (this is the option I have mostly used when the marked spot was just a bit too far out!), or whether you are actually moving the physical position of the trap.

Hope this helps for this time or next :slight_smile:

Edited to add: forgot to say, the benefit of this is that your trap records all stay with the one trap, but if you select the ‘physically move trap’ option it will differentiate the physical location so you can ascertain whether the catches have changed etc.
But of course there are also good reasons to just swap the trap over to a new one as well

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