Retiring supplementary trap

I have been trying to retire supplementary traps but without success. I have searched the forum and see that is has come up annually but I don’t seem to be able to find an answer on how to do it, if indeed you can. I have been rotating AT220’s around my fixed traps to remove rats, mice and cats. I leave them there for a couple of cycles then move them on. I recorded the results as a supplementary trap, now I can’t retire it. If unable to retire I will have to find another way of recording the results.

kia ora @maungatapu You will need to retire the entire installation then create a new installation for the single trap. Try adding the double as a collocated installation from the phone app, this will then show as two separate traps in the same location.

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Hey - I found that the supplementary traps could be retired through the mobile app:

  • Select the trap
  • Click the “:information_source: Installation Details” underneath the list of fields
  • Scroll down then tap and hold the “Retire” button
  • The supplementary trap should now be retired without impacting the primary

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Thanks Iainf, that is so simple, I can now go through and adjust my records.

Maybe I spoke too soon on that one, Pat – I just noticed that after the supplementary trap is retired on the app (and disappears from the list), that change isn’t reflected on the web site, and when the app project data is refreshed, the supplementary trap reappears again.

@lenore-admin - should we raise this as a defect, since the feature does appear to have been developed for the app and just isn’t working as expected?

Funny you should say that Iain, I retired a trap yesterday, worked on the app fine, but when I checked the web version it was still there, I was just checking again today in case it wasn’t downloaded, and hey presto it has appeared again.

I agree it does appear to be a defect, however I will be more careful now to co-locate when I use a supplementary trap. I have been rotating AP220’s around my traplines trying to reduce rats and mice eating bait out of my trapinators. Seems to be working so far.