Same date bait station records report

On the
Same date bait station records

report for bait stations, there is a link provided to each pair of records so we can review them, and potentially correct them.

When we do that and want to go back to see the next pair of records to be checked, instead of going directly back, using the back arrow, we have to recreate the whole report.

Is it possible to avoid this - perhaps by opening the link in a new window so that we can just click back into the report?

And could you increase the number of records showing at a time? Especially for baiters, where to make sense of the records it is needed to see all records in a pulse?

Many thanks,

I’ll send this through to feature requests, thank you

Sorry Jo, can you explain your workflow a bit more here? When I click the back button to return to the report it is in the same state I left it in, I’m not sure why you need to recreate it?

You can also right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window if that helps?

Which record list did you want to increase? The list of duplicates in the report, or the list of records under the bait station?