Scannable QR/bar codes that open the trap in the app (offline)

Would it be possible to get the app to open a trap from scanning a bar code or QR code for quick data entry? This would particularly help with servicing radio traps in a grid that aren’t necessarily serviced following an established line, but more on demand in a ‘random’ order.

Great idea, the trick will be in keeping the QR code clean enough to scan!

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Fair point. QR codes can have a fair bit of redundancy built in and printed relatively large which should help.
NFC tags could be another option that wouldn’t suffer from the same issue.

Laser or otherwise etched qr codes on the lid should solve the durability issue.

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Kia ora all,

Thanks for the suggestion! This is an idea that the Trap.NZ team have discussed before - we’ll keep an eye on this thread and see what others think :slight_smile:

Ngā mihi,

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