Securing AT220s to protect from theft/removal

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with adding locks/chains/cables to AT220s to improve theft-resistance. We are deploying AT220 traps in a public reserve and while most of the trap locations are far off of the marked tracks, there is concern about these very expensive traps being stolen.

In the past I’ve used the security boxes that cover trail cameras and secured them with a chain and padlock. Is there any way to attach a chain and padlock to the AT220?


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Have you asked AT…they are very helpful. I am sure they would have a suggestion on how to secure it. Through the grill with a bike security chain might be the go, and tamper proof screws? You could also make it active in the day time…or electrify the grill…only joking!

Two different screw heads but that is a fairly minor deterrent

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yeah, problem there is that someone with a knife or scissors (and what aspiring thief doesn’t have a wee knife on their person?) can just cut the two straps attaching the top and bottom plywood sections.

The other thing is that, even if the body of the trap is secured to a tree, ne’er-do-wells can still open up the top and fuck with/steal the battery, bait bag, or electronics.

I may be worrying too much over an unlikely event. But these are a big investment and worth protecting properly.

Hi guys, ye a good point.
I am thinking a hole through the back board for a bike lock might be a simple thing??
We could make a hole as a standard option??
If you do drill a hole through the back board make the hole above the trap.
Down lower will limit the trap movement.

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I use a short piece of metal strapping between the tree mount and the backboard. It’s really there to prevent pigs from stealing the trap… but it would deter other pests as well.

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Having recently had an AT220 stolen, from a hidden from normal view area, use a heavy duty hinge with 3 different screw heads. Photo attached. Report the trap ID number to NZ Auto traps and NZ Police.

Was there meant to be a photo? :slight_smile:

Hinge for trap security

@cooperii try to contact the Northland - Bay Bush Action Group

They have over 500 AT220’s in a forest area behind Paihia, and they may have some suggestions.
Having just purchased 20 of these - we have a similar concern that we want to put AT220’s out around our boundary on private land, but we know there is a lot of pig hunters poaching - who come from adjacent land into our area, and there is some concern that they may “trash” the traps.