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Hi there,

I’ve had traps for over a year , but only just loaded them into the system and logged some kills.
One thing I noticed is that for some reason I’m able to view other traps in the same area (lyttelton) and add kills for those traps as well as edit those trap locations.

This doesn’t seem right, as I don’t think I’m an admin of any kind.

No action required, or response. Just wanted to let you know.


Hi Dorje

That’s correct - as an “editor” on a project you have access to all the traps and records within a project.

Initially Trap.NZ was set up for reserve projects where there would typically be a small number of volunteers looking after a project. Obviously it is not desirable on urban projects with a large number of members who should really only have access to their own traps.

For this reason we have added a backyard interface: your project administrator can now remove the editor role and assign specific traps that only you can update. More details on this will be available soon.

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Hi team. Are there any more details on how to use the backyard interface? I have dedicated trappers who regularly clear multiple traps so I’d like to assign the traps to them but not give them edit access to the entire project. Any help would be fantastic. Many thanks