Sensor event filtering

BHMET has a fleet of over 600 celium sensors fitted to a variety of traps. That means that we’re drowning in a flood of big data… well over 1,800 ‘event’ messages a day. And 99.9% of those are just heartbeat events. We don’t run live capture traps (at the moment) and so that 99.9% are junk to us.

I desperately need an ability to filter the event messages in the trap view pave - to just show ‘sprung’ events or ‘fail to supervise’ events. Similarly I don’t need to see all RSSI or SNR values… I want to filter to see those under a certain threshold. I don’t need to see all battery voltages… just those under a user-definable theshold.

But that’s at the ‘trap view’ level.

On the ‘Traps’ page, it would be really, really useful to have another ‘events’ table tab. (To add to the existing ‘Map’ and ‘Table’ tabs. This would show actionable events which could be filtered: show me sensor traps that are below a voltage of X; show me last night’s ‘Sprung’ events; show me sensor traps that have a SNR below 20… and so on.

This then becomes my dashboard with actionable information… which would then be used at the start of the day to task the team.

Thanks for listening!