September 4th 2021 mass upload/record

Did something happen on 4th Sept 2021 at 1200 re: trap NZ or is it a sync issue at our end or something else…would be very grateful if anyone could shed light on this.

109 entries are showing for this time and date. All different traps, all sprung, all rebaited.

Ngā mihi Sam


nothing unusual that I could see. I went back to the date of 4 September 2021. I had about 9 hits from about 40 traps. I logged in ‘none’ at about 6:pm when I got home.

Let me know if anything else is odd. I had some problems with my app for while but I deleted it off the iphone and then installed it afresh.


Alex (021 955 836)

Thanks for your reply Alex…sounds like it was an issue on our end. Intriguing.

Every single trap on our project is showing a strike record but the status isn’t the same for every entry.

Kia ora,

Thanks for getting in touch. It seems likely that someone in your project has used the Add Catches page, or uploaded bulk records via CSV, and these have all been recorded at the same time on the same day.

Your best bet would be to tidy these records up manually from the Manage Trap Records page, as some of the records are showing a strike count of 1, but no species caught, which will affect your project reporting.

Ngā mihi,

Thanks for your reply @sarah-admin

Pretty sure it isn’t a CSV issue as our users wouldn’t know how to do that.

Is there a way to find out who might have done this? We only have a few people in our project and it would be great to support them to not do this again.

I actually wondered if it was an issue from the app as one of our users transferred all their apps to a new phone around this date.

I can tidy up manually but wasn’t keen to do this as was hoping Trap NZ might be able to see the issue better with the mistake still there!

Thanks again for your help.

@sam_1 @sarah-admin I’ll reply via an email with details. It appears that the records were added via the add catches form. The form is designed to make it easy to add records in bulk so it could well have been done by mistake if not familiar with the form.

Brilliant thanks @dan totally get it was a mistake! Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: