Set a maintenance schedule for each trap line?

Does anyone know how to create a maintenance schedule for each individual trap line? I know that in the app you can do it line by line, but how do I do create a schedule on the website, so that I get notified when the traps have not been checked or serviced with the correct time frame?

Hi Emma,

Those features don’t exist yet. The feature in the app was a baby step in that direct to see how useful it would be without committing to project level scheduling. Turns out it has been very useful and we’re now building a set of requirements around it.

The in app scheduling is simply an indicator of how long it has been since an installation was serviced. It’s not a schedule as such, but arguably more meaningful in an eradication sense.

We are currently building notifications into the system so project level messages can be sent out to the app, scheduled messages are part of the I believe. I don’t know that ‘schedules per line’ are in the discussion but it’s a good call and I’ll pass it on.