Sex and maturity categories for the app and bulk importing records

There is the option to add sex/maturity of a catch when you add trap records on the web browser, but from what I can see there isn’t an option for this on the app or when uploading a csv of catch records. Is this something you could add? It is important for my project to keep records of age/sex of all catches but it’s quite time consuming to input each record individually on the web browser. Also if there is an easier way of doing this already in place that I have missed please let me know!

Many thanks.

There is indeed - enable ‘advanced records fields’ in the app settings:

Menu > General Settings > Advanced


Excellent! Thanks for that. How about when importing records with large volumes of trap data? I tried just adding extra columns into the csv file I imported but it didn’t appear to work.

Andy I’ve tried this just now and I don’t see any difference. I’ve restarted the app too. Any ideas?

Hi David,

Those fields are only relevant after you select a species so are hidden when ‘None’ (the default) is the selection.

Try adding a species and let me know if they’re still not showing.


Hmmm, I thought of that so tried it at the time, and didn’t see those fields.

But I’ve just tried it again and they’re there…


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I also want to record sex and maturity for possums but when I followed above instructions , under advanced I have enable contractor mode and disable android accelerated hardware but no enable advanced record field. Am I missing something here? Thanks Pat

Apologies, it’s moved to somewhere much more convenient:

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That’s awesome thanks. Works a treat.

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