Should community trap owners be offered trapper accounts?

Hi there- I’ve just taken over admin of a small urban trap project (Westmere in Auckland). Is it okay to give our trapping community direct access as trappers to enter their own catches?
I can see that ‘trappers’ are able to:

  • Can add new lines and installations to a project.
  • Can view, edit, and add records to installations which they’ve added, or have been assigned to.

I would have thought a profile where they can only
view, edit, and add records to installations which they have been assigned to. might be a good option?
as otherwise they have the ability to add traps where there aren’t any

any thoughts on this appreciated

@theob in a community project, a homeowner may want to add another trap to their property at some stage and it would be good to be able to collect the data from the catches from the second trap. As a “trapper” they will be able to add their own records and if needed add another trap.
A trapper can only see what is assigned to them or the have added, so they won’t be able to see what’s happening “next door” so it is a good role for a community project.

thanks- so it’s common practice to add homeowners as trappers- that’s great, thanks.