Show project map with traps but not trap names

Is there a way to show the project trap location map (as shown on the front page for each project) but without the trap names. The community engagementI wnt to show the spread of traps but some of our trap names are quite long and the text obscures the overall effect. It seems like it should be easy to do, but I can’t see how.

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Yeah I’d like to see this too.

You can export your data and view in a different online map program.

See images below of various viewing styles that I made (this took less than 5 minutes on my first attempt after reading your post)

If it suits let me know and ill make step by step instructions.

Have a look at the maps section of the Pestfree Hibiscus Coast web site If that is the sort of thing you want I can tell you how I do them. They are easy to customise.

Kia ora,

Good point, and it’s a quick and easy fix on our end. I’ve made a ticket for our devs to toggle trap and station labels on maps. Hopefully it’ll be done in the next few weeks!

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Great. Thanks in advance.