Showing multiple projects onscreen at once

I imagine there is some way to do this but not sure how. That is how can I show the trap lines of several projects on the same map overlay at the same time?

Kia ora @rivervalley are you wanting to view for reporting? If so you can access the Multi project trap records with map and select the projects you are wanting to view alternatively if you are wanting to show how well each project is achieving your could try our new hex map option Creating a static hex ... | Trap.NZ Help & User guides
Hopefully one of those helps you

Thanks for the response. I am the administrator for two side by side projects and want to view them on the map at the same time, mainly to get a better idea where the hoes are in the network.

the static hex map is a great way to see gaps in your project, however it doesn’t show bait stations. There are a variety of reports that may be able to help