Simple Bait Recording

I don’t know why or if this has changed over time, but I recall that (at least on the mobile app, which is all I use for recording) some of my bait stations just have (or had) a slider for “Bait added”, and some have two extra sliders, for “Bait remaining of NNNg” and “Bait removed”. If you don’t update the extra sliders, the “Bait remaining of NNNg” keeps accumulating over time. I want all of my bait stations to be the simple, single slider versions, as I do not want the additional overhead of dealing with those other sliders. There appears to be no way to control it.

Please make it easy to set all bait stations to only have the “Bait added” slider.

Isn’t it just single slider when at the last visit there was no bait left in the station - because no bait can be removed from it? If there was bait when the station was last left, you’d want to record the amount “remaining” at the next visit, so the system can calculate how much has been eaten by rats/mice etc? Otherwise you’ve got no measure of how much has been eaten, and how that is changing over time.

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The point is that I don’t actually want to record the amount removed/remaining. I just add enough blocks to bring the station to the same level as previous so the system can assume that is the amount eaten since the last visit.

Explicitly logging that other stuff is a level of detail I (and probably a lot of backyard/lifestyle loggers) don’t want to deal with.

Well, it simply can’t work without those other sliders. They only take a sec.

What can be problematic though is setting up your bait types to begin with. That is, setting the block or pellet size, the maximum fill etc. I think some users struggle with this.

Of course it simply can work without those other sliders, I even said how it could. Not everyone wants to record at the same level of detail, and the current system puts off those who want something simple.

I have the bait type set up for appropriate block sizes, and it is good that the bait added slider chunks things up accordingly there.

So do you never remove old bait?


I only fill my bait stations with as much bait as tends to get used. If there is still bait from the previous visit I don’t add as much new.

Are you pulsing, or baiting continuously?
We empty the bait station after the 4th visit in a month, so the amount comes back to zero. But we often have to remove mouldy bait or bait the slugs & snails have got to, so your system would not work for us. But the slider defaults to zero so it’s not onerous.
And the amount taken varies at any one station so sometimes we’d reload it to say 4 baits and other times there’s heavy take so we’d load it up to 6 or 8 baits.

Not sure of your jargon, but probably baiting continuously (in that I go round them all every couple of weeks)

“The slider defaults to zero” - there are three sliders in total, of which I would like to be able to configure the traps to only show the one for bait added.