Smart trap located on wrong property

Hi, A smart trap I am using has been set up to show on the incorrect property. I have put in the correct coordinates in the trap details but this has not moved the trap. Will I have to delete and reinstall the trap to locate it on the correct property?

kia ora @hakono, when you added the correct coordinates, did you do this on the website by editing the trap? If you did select the option of “find using manual coordinates field” ? This may help or if you are doing it via the app select the move location and when it asks if it is a correction select yes.
Hopefully this has helped you. If not please contact us via the help desk Need help? | Trap.NZ so we can look into it properly for you

Thank you for the response. I did persevere and found a solution on the forum that wasn’t apparent earlier. Weird how you can spend ages looking for something then suddenly there it is.

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