Some tracking tunnels not showing in the app but fine on the website

Some tracking tunnels are missing from the app but I can see them fine on the website.
I also have Manager Permissions.

Kia ora @sallyandfinn is it all the monitoring stations you aren’t seeing or just some? If it’s all it may be that the tile settings on the right hand of the app map have been set to not show monitoring stations. If it’s only some then it would be good to take this to the help desk Need help? | Trap.NZ

Only some monitoring stations. The rest are showing fine.

Kia ora @sallyandfinn. I’m showing you as having advanced trapper permissions this will account for the difference of what you are able to view on the phone app

  • Advanced trappers
    • Can add new lines and installations to a project.
    • Can view, edit, and add records to installations which they’ve added, or have been assigned to.
    • Can view any installation in the project (web only, the app displays only owned and assigned installations)

Thank You We Fixed it