Sort Order Function in Trap Reports

Hi team,

I’m trying to understand the sort order function (clicking on the column headings).
I know we can change the trap order to suit how we walk a line, then click update, and it sticks.

My question is, does this then override the column heading sort orders?
For example, regardless of the line walking preference, I’d expect to click a column header and it sorts itself based on that, eg species caught, recorded by, and trap. However when I do this I don’t get my traps in order, as per the screenshot.
Is this how it’s meant to be? ie if you have a walk the line sort order functionality, then you can’t use an alphabetical sort order via the column headers, or is this a bug?


Hi there

We can take a look - you should be able to order by any column header in the trap records screen. Can you confirm which page you are on and perhaps include the column headers in a screen shot. Thanks

Yes it was the trap records screen. As you can see from the first screen shot the traps were not ordering properly, however when I went now to get full screenshots for you, I can’t reproduce the problem. Everything is working fine, regardless which column I sort by. All is good now. Thanks.