Starting up the app when I'm not connected to the net

I have real problems getting the app to start when I’m in a remote location. One of the projects I’m involved with is in a remote location where there’s no mobile coverage. I recently joined a second project so now I’ve got a second set of map and trap details on my Android phone.

Today when I wanted to change from one project to the other I tried to change using the My Projects option but because I couldn’t connect to the net I didn’t have the option. I waited for a long time and the part of the code that was trying to connect didn’t timeout and give me the option to switch.

I suggest that the code is changed to check if there is network connectivity and if there isn’t then the app works with the data that’s already on the phone (probably with a warning that the data may not be completely up to date).

I’m running V 3.4.13


Was there any response to this question as I have the same issue.

To clarify, you both want to switch projects while in an offline state?

It would be useful to switch projects but not essential.

Yes, last time this happened it was very frustrating as I was about an hour’s walk from the nearest network connection.

I’ve found since then that switching to Flight Mode seems to help.