Status doesn't safe

Hey there, after I add catches and push safe the status jumps back to original setting.
for example, I add a rat, the strike jumps to one and the status to sprung. After I safe it, the status is back to still set.
What can I / you do?

I’m not sure if I am reading your situation correctly but here is what I am getting from your question:

There is a ‘default’ setting that is changeable from your project’s management page. For instance if you have a trap/lure combination that you are typically replacing the lure on every time, you might set the default as ‘still set, bait bad’.

When you click on a trap to open it, it will have these defaults in place already to save you time when entering data.

In your situation, it sounds like you are opening a trap, putting your data in (something caught in the trap), saving it, and then opening it to have a look again. What it is showing you is NOT the data you just put in, but a blank slate to enter NEW data. So it is showing you the default of ‘still set’. This doesn’t mean it hasn’t saved your data!

Each time you open a trap, select options and press save, it is saved as a separate data entry.
If you are on the app and click on a trap, you will just see the options to add a new entry.

On the website, when you open a trap, it will have all the data entries for that trap down the bottom.

Hope this helps! If not, there are a few trainings that TrapNZ are running this week and next that might be useful for you:

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Thanks Tui, right on the money.

Just to add, in the app you can also look at the Menu > Logs and it will show all of your records for each day. This will give you an overview when offline too.


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