Stopping Mice Going into Victor Rat Tunnels?


The last couple of times our Rat Trap (Victor) in a tunnel has been set off my a mouse, its set on the F setting so should be less sensitive.

But the mice are being trapped by the tail and often very much alive.

Does anyone have any tips on stopping them and attracting rats, or does this mean that rats are not in the area?


I just kill the mice too. I build a trap box like the typical Victor housing, but I make the entrance very small so a rat can’t fit though. Inside I have 3 mouse traps which usually cuts through them pretty quickly. I use a trail camera to see what is in the area.

Thanks Cam, yes I might make up some mice sized boxes. Pretty sure that area doesn’t have many rats visiting.

Do victor make a Mice Sized version of their rat trap with the plastic bait slot, these seems to working much better than the old style traps.


I use the easytrap and also have some T-Rex mouse traps. Either works fine, although they often gravitate to the easytrap.

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Hi kiwigary yes Victor sell a mouse trap version of the rat trap. I also like the “Better Mouse trap” (the little grey trap) and I just bait these with pb and pop them in the bait end of the doc box or the service end of the rat tunnel. I have had good results with these and only a few not killed efficiently.

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Thanks guys for the recommendations, I will see if I can get some better one.

I have a few that I got from $2 shop, which are falling apart.