Stuck Possum in AT220

How do I get a stuck possum out of an AT220 that won’t reset. I’ve changed the battery. It lights up green and red, but nothing else happens. I been through all the sequences of the switch, but it still will not reset. I can’t open the trap manually. At this stage the only thought is to cut the possum’s head off.

Oh no!
perhaps caused by a flat battery. I’m not sure why it hasn’t reset with a recharge?
fist things first…

You can manually open the trap with a big screwdriver.
Poke the screwdriver in the side, over the springs and under the kill bar.
Now you can leaver the kill bar back.
The longer the screw driver the better.

Re why didn’t your trap automatically reset:
If you have replaced the battery and the trap doesn’t start to reset you might have a puttoo PCB output. There isn’t much you can do.
Please return your trap, we will fix this NC.
Our new PCB outputs are more robust and failure is less likely.

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The same thing has happened to me. I’ve taken the battery out to recharge and see what happens. Did you end up getting it working again this way? Or was the part kaput?

Otherwise this trap is an absolute awesome machine. I’ve got 4, and its the first time I’ve had a jam like this.


I released the possum with some effort required using a very large screwdriver as suggested by Kevin. The trap was sent in to be repaired, and has back in service for over a year. I’ve not had this problem since with any of our traps.
Hope the recharged battery works for you. It’s a good idea to have some spare batteries so you can keep your traps operating all the time, especially if your traps are not close to home as ours are. Using the App let’s you know how much charge is in the battery.
NZ Autotraps stand by their traps and offer repairs and servicing as necessary. They have often refitted components with newer more robust parts when our traps have been in for servicing. Contact NZ Autotraps if you have any issues, they will be able to offer advice or ask you to send in the trap for repair if necessary.


Thank you for your reply and suggestions.
Much appreciated.
Ill be sure to take a screwdriver with me once my batteries are charged up.
Thanks again.