Supplementary trap catches not showing

I have a trapline with timms as the primary trap and doc 200’s being the supplementary trap. No problems recording the trap catches on the app (for both primary and supplementary traps), and it shows up in the installation details that the catch was recorded, but when looking at catch records on the website the supplementary traps don’t appear, nor do the catches show up in the monthly reports.

Any ideas?

It is a known problem since the new app was released. Only option is to manually enter on the website if you can remember them.

Not a good answer, if data has been casually lost?
Those traps should have individual entries, makes everything simpler and safer.

Hi Jared,

You ‘should’ definitely not need to enter data manually via the website for supplementary installations. If anyone is experiencing this is would be great if you could provide the app version and installation code so we can investigate and fix it asap.


Hi guys

We’ve found the issue: in the new app, records added to a supplementary trap were not linked to the main trap. The records will show up in the trap records report - but not on some other reports - e.g. if you are looking at records the main trap.

We have a fix which will also apply to existing records - we should have this sorted withing the next few days.

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