Supplementary Traps

I am really struggling with supplementary traps. Do you have some more information about how to use them “correctly”?

We have been using supplementary traps in situations where we have up to 6 different types of trap in one locations. I realise now that the idea behind a supplementary trap was the example of double set DOC200 or a DOC200 box with a mouse trap in it.

So, now I wonder whether I should be separating all the supplementary traps out as individual traps, maybe with a letter after the ID number to distinguish them?

The reasons why supplementary traps aren’t quite working for me are:

  1. I don’t think supplementary traps are included in the total count of traps. Is that right?
  2. I can’t retire supplementary traps on their own.

How are other people dealing with several different traps in one location? Would love to hear some tips please!

I use “supplementary” trap where I have a DoC200 or similar as the primary trap and a mouse trap beside it as a supplementary, on the same site. Catches are recorded for both the main and supplementary traps.
I haven’t tried to retire a supplementary trap.
Because the 2 traps are side by side they have the same ID.