Suppplementary Traps not shown in Trap Inventory

As we did not know about the co-located trap option, we created supplementary traps for the large number of sites where we have traps for multiple species. Unfortunately these are not reported in the trap inventory report. So the trap inventory understates the number of traps we have. Is there a way around this (other than going through over 400 locations and separating them out)?
If not - what is the timing of converting supplementary traps to co-located traps - and will that solve the problem? Thanks Carrie Parker, Rings Beach Wetland Group

@carrie-charlie The trap inventory should report on the different traps even if they’re supplementary. If it isn’t can you please send a query to the helpdesk Need help? | Trap.NZ and we can look into it for you, don’t forget to tell us which project you’re talking about. Thanks