Syncing from App has 500 errors

When synchronising it first gives an error on Trap Records:
(500)(url: https//

Then it locks on New data from server at some % (40, 60, 80, 90)
It then shows trap records as 0, but they have not all been updated.
Need to force stop the app to continue.

Sometimes the error comes up and the New data continues, and it looks like everything has synced, but if you sync again, it will show trap records still remaining to sync.

Has been happening for about 2 weeks, but this morning took me about 10 tries to update all records.

Did at one point notice an OAuth error about UserToken - but I didn’t write it down (sorry).
I rebooted the phone and haven’t seen that one again since.

[Added 16/7/19]
Thinking further about it, I suspect it may be a timeout issue within the server software when operating under load. Try doubling the time allowed for json responses and see if it goes away.

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I have had similar problems in the last few weeks and a volunteer on our team has also been experiencing issues.

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Same problem. Records are not synced.

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I found I could get past it by repeatedly syncing until they were all actually synced.

Sometimes that would require doing a force stop on the app if it had locked up.

Sometimes it would take quite a few repeats of the process.

Each time I started the Sync, it would refresh the items remaining from 0 to the actual number.
A pain in the butt, but workable.
Better than losing data.

Yip same problem error shows at 80 to 90% sync and sometimes locks the system up requiring a forced stop of the ap. It does continue sync and completes when i reopen the ap later in day. Had it happen 4 ot 5 times in last few months.

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I’ve been having that problem for a few months as well. Hadn’t realised it wasn’t syncing all records as it seemed to resolve eventually. Just checked and have seen that 3 records remained to be synced from last Wednesady. That means quite a lot of data has been lost from, our project, I suspect.

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Hi all,

We have experienced a huge growth in users this year which has put a lot of strain on our servers under periods of heavy load and exposed some performance bottlenecks which weren’t apparent earlier. We are working on these issues, the most important being a completely redeveloped mobile app which will produce less load on the servers as well as a more user friendly interface.

We are aiming to release the new app in early September, but if anyone wants to try the new app ahead of the official release just let us know and we will set you up with a beta version. In the meantime please bear with us through this temporary hurdle.


The Trap.NZ team

I’m happy to beta test, IT project manager so hopefully I can be useful.

I also am happy to be a Beta Tester, have been programming for 46 years and have owned and operated a software company for the last 33 years.

I’m happy to be a beta tester too as this fault happens to me all the time. On Android 9 but can also test on ios11 too.

I’ve been having these ongoing difficulties too, but it has worked today with no issues.

All 4 trappers on our project have been having the same [problem uploading from the app over the last couple of months. I notice now that the label on my app icon is called (Legacy) and similarly when the app is open on the phone “legacy” has been added. Does this mean the new app is up and running and we should delete the old one and reload?

I have the same problem today. Tries uninstalling and then reinstalling but still has same icon and when trying to open it freezes with the circle of death. I think new app is still in beta testing but
the legacy label suggests the new one may be coming. Back to pen and paper for a while.

Hi team, how is the timing going on a new app? Did you want any beta testing help? This weekend I’ve spend a heap of finding and time removing duplicates due to sync errors, so I’d be happy with even a beta app. Thanks Grant.

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Hi all - thanks for your patience! The updated app is getting very close (days rather than weeks) - and yes it would be great to have you test it. I’ll send a link out to those that have offered.

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Hi, I found the updated app in the Google Play Store a few days ago when I spotted the current app was named (legacy).

Where do I post feedback about the new app?

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