Syncing Issues - Devices added out in field not being added to project

Hi, recently we started putting out monitoring tunnels for our project.

I walked a new line with a colleague. I added the first 8 into No problem. My colleague then added the remaining 2 into her iPhone. All looked good.

That was about 10 days ago. I can’t see the 2 she added (I’m an admin) and she can’t see the 8 I added. She has restarted her phone and restarted the app several times. I don’t think she’s reinstalled the app.

Any ideas please? And just to confirm, users receive updates to the app automatically right? I did see a post not so long ago saying there have been some sync issues fixed in recent releases.

Hi David,

A few questions:

  1. Which project?
  2. App version on each device?
  3. What is her project role? (Admin, manager, advanced trapper, trapper ?)
  4. Are the installations in her App logs?


Hi Andy, thanks for looking into this. The project is South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network.

My version is 4.1.10 on Android.

She’s an advanced trapper.

I emailed her just now for more details about her version number and logs. This is what she said:

Hi David

TrapNZ doesnt work at all on my phone now that theyve updated the app. I know Tony has the same problem.

I will have to wait to get my new phone before i can enter the locations of the tunnels on the UZZ which i put in this week.

So we’re not having much luck just now with iPhone users (Tony has an iPhone too). Not sure if it’s all of them though.

Tony came around and I reinstalled the app for him. And it now works on his phone. So there was something about the last update/version perhaps.

Andy, she is now on version 4.1.10.

Logs are blank.