Syncing trap records from App via Wifi

I’m monitoring the Shelley Bay line under the Places for Penguins project, and have been alerted to the situation that my trap records are not showing up on the webs site even through the phone app says it has successfully synced and uploaded the new records via my home WiFi. I use a SamSung S7 and have been using the app since October 2016. i will send an email to TrapNZ wit the misisng dates.

I think the issue may be that the date set on the trap record was incorrect. The date in the app is sticky so you don’t have to re-enter it each time, but if you don’t set the first one for the day it will use whatever the last record was.

That would be my guess also - go back to the date of your first use of the app on and you will probably find all your data on that date. This happened to one of our volunteers. Luckily it was not too much data to attempt to change the dates on which works fine if you remember you visit dates! Developers are aware of the issue so I hope that future upgrades will use the date of using the app as the default date and prompt people to change that if wanting to retroactively enter data. Andrew

I down loaded the app and tried it out in the field on Tuesday. I thought, “this is great”. However it has not synced to my desk computer. Fortunately I still recorded everything in my note book as usual. Another things was on the app the data was all incorrect. Target species Cats while it should be Rats. Bait set at Brodificoum and should be Bromadiolone. Will see what your next update brings. The app is so good so hope all settles down.